Quiet forest

The faint wind overlooking the sea blows and the air after the rain stops is very fresh.There are several forests lined up, and the warm scent of trees refreshes your mood.

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Manufacturing core

Nature is the central idea of ​​this brand.At the time of manufacture, the research team extracts and manufactures the ingredients as they are, such as plants, fruits, seeds, and vegetables.All ingredients meet high standards in terms of cleansing and effectiveness.The origin and verification of ingredients, research teams, and manufacturing plants comply with international standards.


2021 moisturizing recommended!A new moisturizing product from the popular Japanese brand CHANIDA that makes it easy to achieve pure and natural skin.

Moisturizing is very important to me.CHANIDA's new moisturizing product from Japan, "Kelp & Camellia Moisturizing Toner," uses natural ingredients to moisturize the skin.Alcohol-free, color-free, and simple ingredients are used to provide good condition to the skin.

Recommended to buy the natural brand "CHANIDA" from Japan


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Recommended 2020 fragrance!The popular brand "CHANIDA" is a natural plant extract that is perfect for the discerning.

Recommended by the staff.The ingredients of these products are extracted from natural plants and added with bush can, etc., and have a nice scent after taking a bath.Not only a nice scent but also various moisturizing formulations have been added.Moisturizes and keeps the skin moisturized.I need this product in the fall and winter

Exists in our daily lives

With the blessings of nature, the land, air and sea should be a valuable living


Product exposure and image promotion, cooperation with fashion media and e-magazines.

Kombu & Camellia Japonica Moisturizing Lotion

Natural moisturizing factor, this ingredient has a strong protective effect on the skin, delaying skin aging and maintaining healthy skin.

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