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Life proposer

In recent years, the style of life selection stores has become popular in Asia, attracting good brands and products from all over the world.Mainstream operations and attractions are suggestions to potential consumers in the surrounding life circles.

Providing a beautiful, high-quality shopping experience is not enough to satisfy consumers.It is characterized by added value.

Rather than explicitly pursuing lifestyle proponents, international brands and luxury, we truly propose high-quality, practical and friendly products.




Many years have passed since I was a student and a gathering place for memories, and now I suddenly look back and the shops in my neighborhood have changed.Only Chuyo is still there. Opened in 1992, it is always looking for breakthroughs.Company attitude and growth.This is also an entry for the reason for CHANIDA.

Also, the toilet is very unique and very clean.Chuyo Department Store is remodeling the toilets on each floor one after another with the theme toilets, and its features are repeatedly reported by the media.It is also voted on by the British Open Travel.Website by the Asian version of Time magazine.The world's top 10 great toilets.

The Chung-yo Department Store is divided into three halls, A, B and C.Life goods are on the 3th floor of Hall B.



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