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Awareness and Sharing-Scandinavian Forest Environmental Education Program

LEAF is a project developed by the Nordic forest industry.The main purpose is to raise awareness of the forest industry, raise children's environmental awareness and train teachers to carry out environmental education. LEAF's original plans were developed in 1983 in Northern Europe such as Norway, Sweden and Finland. The goal of LEAF is to make more people aware of the important role of forests and to raise their awareness and knowledge.The plan allows us to consider the cultural, ecological, social and economic aspects of the relevant roles of forests and to understand their balance.When considering the relationship between people and forests, it is important to understand the balance between these different roles. The main purpose of LEAF is to provide children around the world with environmental education about forests and their values ​​in an activity-oriented, participatory and hands-on way.


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Forest measures to prevent global warming

Forests are not only affected by global warming, but also greatly affected by temperature and precipitation.Forests absorb carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by photosynthesis and store it as carbon for a long period of time.
In this way, forests can reduce atmospheric carbon and reduce global warming.
After discussing who should take the lead and actively promote forest conservation in order to promote future measures to prevent global warming, we realized that this was an international initiative and was a national or local public institution. "Maintaining forests as a major activity," he said.The highest proportion of the population is 76.1%, the proportion of "promotion of forest conservation through extensive information provision and extensive participation and cooperation" is 49.4%, and the proportion of "promotion of forest conservation through the efforts of forest owners" is 22.5. %. ,Such.
However, we understand that the protection and improvement of the global environment is one of the most important problems facing humankind.We should raise awareness of the environmental and ecological aspects and start from ourselves.
Therefore, we use 100% recyclable cartons and containers, and do not use the materials of the primeval forest as packaging materials, reducing the burden on the natural ecosystem and the spread of changes.

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