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When removing makeup, carefully consider the removal power and sensitive stimuli of each part, but could you carefully separate the eye remover, lip remover, face remover, etc.?

You can carefully remove the makeup on each part in the most comfortable and safe way, but purchasing some items of makeup remover products can be time consuming and expensive!

Evaluation and case resolution:


The editor recently received feedback from several customers.

When customers first used CHANIDA-Extract Moisturizing Cleansing Oil, there was no smoky eyes or irritation, especially when removing makeup around the eyes.I accidentally used it once when I opened my eyes and removed it. , I'm not afraid of exciting jealousy at all.

Because it uses a lot of botanical extracts containing natural soothing and antioxidant ingredients, it relieves tiredness when touching the eyes and lips, and prevents fine lines of the eyes and sagging of the skin of the eyes.

In general, cleansing oils do not brighten after cleaning, as residual oils are more likely to leave the pores blocked.

Second, there is not enough oil to evaporate and moisturize, so the skin dries after removing makeup.

Press 2-3 times for light make-up and 4 times for heavy make-up to make it beautiful!How to use: Apply cleansing oil evenly to your face and gently apply with your fingertips.Massage and loosen like a circle.It contains a woody plant extract, so it is very delicious and relaxing.After removal, emulsify with a small amount of water-> slowly local emulsification-> press to emulsify.Whole face-> Rinse with plenty of water.


You can clean basic makeup, eye makeup, and lip makeup with one bottle while enjoying the soothing massage and aromatherapy of essential oils.Relax after you get home.Especially suitable for busy and compact modern work.

Sharing tips:

When you wake up in the morning and feel refreshed, apply a thin coat of cleansing oil, massage to increase the moisturizing effect after washing your face, and then apply skin care products to make your makeup more durable!

Currently, I have seen many makeup remover products that emphasize the cleansing power of makeup, but I am paying attention to whether cleansing oil is easy to wash with water.

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