You will fall in love as soon as you use it!Healing cleansing oil hidden in the forest

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Are you worried about the rash of skin allergies caused by sweating and heat and humidity in summer?

Are you even more afraid to use oily makeup removers, especially in hot and humid climates, as you are afraid of causing acne?

Due to the relative increase in androgen content and the ratio of androgen to estrogen during the menstrual period, sebaceous gland activity is likely to increase and acne is more likely to worsen.

You are busy in an industry where you need to talk and write on the screen every day.It's easy to feel tired and depressed all day long.At this time, use Juniper, Atlantic Cedar, Vetiver Massage, or take a bath. The woody and soothing atmosphere not only provides support and stability, but also positivity and vitality.


Chanida-herbal moisturizing cleansing oilUsing the ingredients extracted from the juniper and branches and leaves contained in, it exerts a healing effect of washing away.


[Skin Care]-Juniper is effective for various skin problems such as clogged pores, severe acne and ringworm.Juniper is also often recommended for friends with oily skin.It balances sebum secretion, treats acne and dermatitis, tightens pores, keeps skin clean and white, and has a positive effect on oily skin.

[Physiological level] -Juniper has a high bactericidal and detoxifying effect, and so far, juniper branches and rosemary have been baked in French hospitals to prevent infection.Since it has the effect of sterilizing and suppressing sebum, it is also ideal for the treatment of adolescent acne. It not only tones the skin, but also relieves inferiority complex and enhances the self-confidence of children.

[Psychological Level]-Can eliminate extra toxins in the mind, such as inferiority complex, jealousy, hatred, and other extreme and negative psychology, and restore peace and light.In addition to getting rid of distracting thoughts, the Bible also records that Juniper can replenish a tired mind.Juniper can help you when you are tired, especially when you overuse your brain.

Therefore, this is one of the reasons why Juniper is so widely used in the field of aromatherapy.




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