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As a makeup artist, I have used various types of makeup removers because my skin is very sensitive, but oily makeup removers usually cause rashes and itchiness on my face ~

But after using it for a few months, it bottomed out and I didn't feel any discomfort ~~

The focus is extremely large.Even if it is very difficult to remove the waterproof mascara or base makeup, a coin size of 50 yuan can remove it very cleanly ~

The texture of the skin has improved~
It's very important to remove and clean your makeup ~




Can also be used on sensitive skin~




I like it very much.Recently, I want to buy back my sister's Christmas gifts 💕💕💕 I sincerely recommend it to our customers ~~

And when I remove makeup, I really like the scent of essential oils.I wash and massage myself to relax at the spa ~ What should I do?I really like this bottle of botanical extract moisturizing cleansing oil 💕💕💕💕💕



Women really need it ~ Very easy to use ~ Chanida Moisturizing Cleansing Oil can dissolve makeup quickly ~

I forgot to say ~~ After melting the makeup, rinse it with clean water ✨ It will be washed away immediately ✨ It is not sticky! !! !!

And it's really better than some big brands ~~ 💕💕💕💕💕 I like it ~~~




Source-Ms. Huang

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