How to use herbal moisturizing cleansing oil

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Take an appropriate amount of cleansing oil with dry hands, remove the remaining makeup with a circular massage method, add water to emulsify, and rinse with water.



Refreshing texture Excellent expandability

Especially in the hot summer, you need to worry that the oily feeling will be sticky and acne and acne will grow.

To address this issue, CHANIDA-Herbal Moisturizing Cleansing Oil has specially added "Juniper" to its ingredients to reduce sebum and effectively control acne and acne growth.


The woody scent that contains patchouli ingredients will heal your tiredness.


Oats, olives and grape seed oils are regenerating and reconstructing, have a strong moisturizing effect, are easily absorbed by connective tissue and protect the skin from UV damage.

Contains natural vegetable light oil to reduce stickiness while removing makeup and grease.


Video and some photo sources:Zora

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