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Water scarcity and dryness have always been the keys to skin aging.

Over time, after the age of 25, skin collagen gradually disappears and fine lines, dullness, and makeup begin to appear on the face, but at the same time, this problem needs to be addressed more seriously.

Moisturizing lotions, essences, moisturizing products, etc. You can start strengthening this link after cleaning and unloading ...

However, the problem of moisturizing and pulling the skin due to rubbing when removing makeup and washing the face cannot be ignored.Many people ignore this detail !!

Insufficient moisture in the skin not only dries the surface of the skin, but also reduces the self-protection mechanism of the skin, making it brittle, vulnerable to external stimuli and damage, and causing various causes.Skin problems.

CHANIDA-Plant Extract Moisturizing Cleansing Oil contains the following moisturizing ingredients to combat and protect aging skin.



1. Grape seed oil has a regenerating and reconstructing effect, and has a strong moisturizing effect on the skin.At the same time, it is equipped with highly efficient antioxidants, free radical scavenging beauty products and skin care products, which are easily absorbed by the connective tissue of the skin and help protect the skin from UV damage.

2. Olive oil contains antioxidant vitamin E and polyphenols, which can protect and moisturize the skin.

Ancient Greeks and Romans used olive oil mixed with herbs to cleanse and moisturize the skin.

3. Oatmeal oil contains many film-forming phospholipids, natural moisturizing factors, phospholipid choline, and phospholipid ethanolamine.These substances can enhance the protective function of the skin, delay the aging of the skin, and maintain the health of the skin.

4. Jojoba oil contains vitamin E, vitamin C, cetyl alcohol, protein, magnesium, calcium and other minerals.It supplies the skin with the nutrients it needs and has a certain physiotherapy effect on the skin.

After washing and unloading, moisturize the face, moisturize the skin, use no mineral oil, preservatives, alcohol, or fragrances, and add a lot of natural plant extracts and essential ingredients.The oil is even easier to use, it feels burdensome, it is elastic, and it is easy to extrude.The makeup removal process is very easy.Light oil is not sticky.The secret to overcoming aging begins with basics.Cleaning and removal.



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