Calm your space and soothe your soul.

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A gift service operated by FLYMEe, Japan's largest furniture e-commerce company.

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The scent creates your peace of mind

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Umeda Est EST

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Pleasant scent with relaxing effect

Incorporating fragrance into your daily life will fill your heart.

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memory of scent

Carry your own scent with you.

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manufacturing core

We strive to source and use the ingredients in our products from the world's most reputable and certified suppliers. High-quality ingredients provide a comfortable feel that soothes and balances skin.


We have a workshop in the suburbs of Tokyo, where we conduct research into fragrance creation. Regarding the use of raw materials, the brand not only uses locally sourced raw materials, but also considers the spread and characteristics of the fragrance. Characteristic raw materials are collected from all over the world.

Production control, labeling, and packaging are all done by hand.

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It's vegan, cruelty-free, and cares about your body and the environment.

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During the research process, our ingredients and products are never tested on animals.


We believe that nature gives us the best life possible, and the soil, air, and sea are all related to our living environment.

Based on the philosophy of environmental protection, we believe that we should respect human nature and give back to the environment.


Moisturizes the skin, reduces dryness, and nourishing natural botanical extracts help the skin lock in moisture.

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free returns

Please contact us within 3 days after the arrival of the product in the case of shipping error, damage or breakage of the product.

About delivery and shipping

Japan stock orders are shipped from our local Japan warehouse.

International stock orders are shipped from our Taiwan warehouse.