Refund policy


Notice of returns and exchanges

The acceptance of returns and exchanges is as follows

Please leave a message in the Customer Relations Office within the period if you wish to return or exchange the product due to our inadequacy, misdelivery, damage to the product itself during delivery, defective products, etc.7 days after the item arrives.

We do not accept returns or exchanges in the following cases

1. Returns or exchanges due to personal factors such as dislike of appearance and taste, unimaginable, subjective consciousness, etc.

2. If you do not receive a return or exchange for 7 days or more due to shipping, misdelivery, damage during delivery, defective product, etc. due to our negligence.

3. Opened for use or damage due to human factors (dirt, damage, scratches, scratches, scratches, etc.).

4. Since the outer box is made of cardboard material, there may be some creases during transportation, but there is no problem with the quality of the product itself.

5. The package of the returned / exchanged product is significantly damaged and incomplete, or the invoice and the original accessories that came with it are incomplete.

6. Malicious or large returns.

Refund instructions

1. Credit Card Payer: After successful return, we will refund the refund fee to the credit card account you paid.

2.Cash on Delivery: After confirming that the return was successful, we will transfer the refund fee to the specified bank account.

Service and product delivery time:

After confirming the order, the product will be shipped within 1 to 3 days excluding Saturdays and Sundays.
Regular holidays: Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.
Business hours: Mon-Fri, 10: 00-18: 00.
Inquiry email: