We invite you to a trip to a secret forest where you can relax from the bottom of your heart on a business trip vacation.
Forests are mystical places where patron saints reside, and their names tell different stories and meanings.

Named after a woman to represent the soft and inclusive side of women.

Being deeply immersed in that environment can really relax people and leave them feeling happy and energized.

Compassionate, Honest, Adaptable, Nurturing, Intelligent, Decisive, Adventurous.



Based on the philosophy of environmental protection, we believe that we should respect human nature and give back to the environment.

The outer box is made of 100% recycled paper, and the virgin forest material is not used for the package.



A pink complexion symbolizes the natural primary color of the skin and is representative of the lack of irritation after cleansing.Use pencil sketches to show natural, harmless botanical elements and to demonstrate the concept of easy washing in deep or shallow areas.

Don't dream your life, live your dreams.

"Life is not about having dreams, dreams are about creating life."

It represents the process of slowly changing from darkness to light in the experience of life, the spirit and attitude of starting a business and facing life.



We have a workshop near Tokyo and conduct research on creating fragrances.
Regarding the use of raw materials, the brand not only uses locally sourced raw materials, but also considers the spread and characteristics of the fragrance.Characteristic raw materials are collected from all over the world.Due to the difficulty of obtaining some raw materials, we will be producing in small quantities and will be made to order, so please deliver as soon as possible.

We do not outsource machining or mass production in the production of our scented candles.Production control, labeling, and packaging are all done by hand.

Warehouse: Japan, Taiwan