Brand vision

In our daily lives, our skin constantly influences each other's complex environmental and physical conditions.I think the products you use every day will make a real difference to your skin health.Our products can keep your skin in a gentle balance.We are dedicated to researching ingredients that are gentle and safe for the skin.

We are particular about the natural and high quality ingredients of our products and employ reliable suppliers all over the world.

With the blessings of nature, the land, air and sea should be a valuable living.And it exists in our daily lives.



During a business trip, I went to a secret forest to travel, where it’s from the heart to relax! The breeze facing the sea and the rainy air are very fresh, and the warm woody atmosphere makes the mood very good. It is arranged by several forests.

Each forest has a goddess.Each story has its own meaning.

Give the woman a name and show the gentle embracing of the woman.

Go to this place and feel the real relaxation, feel good and energize.

Embrace / Cuddles, Obedient / Honest, Adaptable / Adaptable, Nurturing / Nurturing, Intellectual Beauty / Intellect, Decisiveness/ Decision, Adventurous/ Adventure.



Previously, I worked for a Japanese company and was in charge of developing sales channels in Asia.

Over the last few years, I've been to different countries and every time I get a lot of ideas for my work trip.I want to share the attitude and aesthetics of a simple life with my family.

Since I work for a Japanese company, I have the opportunity to come into contact with the local beauty, care, and fragrance industries.And the idea of ​​founding was born.I am founded with two Japanese friends.

We have developed mild products according to seasonal changes and skin conditions.We have set up a studio in downtown Tokyo to perfumer.

When it comes to manufacturing aroma candles, everything from ingredient adjustment to production and packaging is done artificially, without relying on the power of equipment.

Life is an attitude and a process of conversation with one's heart.



We value the ideal of sustainable management and environmental protection.And I think that people's actions should be respected by nature.The packaging uses 100% recycled paper, and the packaging does not use wood.

Also, we are not doing animal testing.Please be assured.



Baby pink has the meaning of being pure and innocent, and is a gentle symbol after cooling.

The gradual change of shades with a pencil is a concept that expresses natural plants and can be easily cooled from deep to pale.

Don't dream your life, live your dreams.

"There is no dream in life, create life from dreams."

The process of getting darker and brighter in life is the same spirit and attitude towards founding and living.