International Free Shipping Threshold

TWD 1,500: Taiwan

TWD 3,500: China, Hong Kong,Macau

TWD 4,000:Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam

TWD 5,500:USA, Canada, UK, Australia

TWD 6,000 : France, Germany


Delivery fee


Shipping to China: 1KG-TWD 200 yuan, 1.5KG-TWD 260 yuan,2KG-TWD 320Original (about 8-12 days)

Delivery to Hong Kong: 1KG-TWD 125 yuan, 1.5KG-TWD 180 yuan,2KG-TWD 225Original (about 5-7 days)

Delivery to Macau: NT $ 1, NT $ 155KG-TWD NT $ 1.5, NT $ 215 (approx. 2-255 days)

ThailandDelivery to: NT $ 1, 295KG-TWD 350Original, 2KG-TWD 405 yuan (about 8-11 days) eur-lex.europa.euDelivery to: 1KG-TWD 460 yuan, 1.5KG-TWD 560 yuan, 2KG-TWD 660 yuan (about 10 to 15 days)

Shipping to Singapore and Malaysia: 1KG-TWD 400 yuan, 1.5KG-TWD 480 yuan, 2KG TWD 555 yuan (about 8-14 days)

AustraliaDelivery to: 1KG-TWD 500 yuan, 1.5KG-TWD 648 yuan, 2KG-TWD 795 yuan (about 10 to 13 days)


America / Europe

Shipping to USA: 1KG-TWD 706 NT $, 1.5KG-TWD 860 yuan, 2KG-TWD 1017 yuan (about 10-14 days)

Shipping to Canada: 1KG-TWD 500 yuan, 1.5KG-TWD 719Original, 2KG-TWD 933Original (about14~ 18th)

United KingdomDelivery to: 1KG-TWD 577Original, 1.5KG-TWD 733Original, 2KG-TWD 889Original (about13~ 16th)

Shipping to France: NT $ 1, NT $ 688KG-TWD NT $ 1.5, NT $ 855KG-TWD 1021Original (about 10-13 days)

Shipping to Germany: NT $ 1, NT $ 470KG-TWD NT $ 1.5, NT $ 609KG-TWD 747Original (about 10-13 days)



 How to buy

Please write "Delivery country / region / address" at the time of payment.The shipping fee will be calculated based on the weight of the ordered item.


    PayPal payment

    International order confirmation will be paid by credit card.

    Available card types VISA, MASTER, JCB 

    Please enter the card type, card number, expiration date, card name, etc.



      * About returns and exchanges Please refer to the return and exchange rules XNUMX.

      * Regarding delivery time, we will ship within 1-3 days after the order form is completed.

       Excludes Saturdays and Sundays.


      Inquiries regarding delivery dates

      For international parcels, seeSF express"Or"Chunhua PostPlease access and enter the tracking code to confirm.


      Regular holidays: Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays

      Reception hours: Monday-Friday 10:00-18:00



      * International Tariffs: Depending on the country, the customer is responsible for arranging the import procedure and completes the flow of goods delivery.Product prices do not include customs duties or VAT.Customers are responsible for paying import duties, customs fees, VAT, etc.