Privacy Policy


Privacy policy description 

The basic policy (privacy policy) when Chanida Co., Ltd. / Brand- CHANIDA (hereinafter referred to as "our company") handles information related to privacy is as follows.

We regard the protection of the privacy of our customers and everyone involved in our company as one of the most important management issues, and in the handling of personal data (defined below), we comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information.'and other related laws and regulations (hereinafter referred to as "related laws and regulations").In addition, when we handle cross-border personal information, we follow the principles of the APEC Privacy Framework.This Privacy Policy applies to users and prospective customers of our services, or users of our website and content (hereinafter collectively referred to as "you"), and we handle your name, contact All information that can directly and indirectly identify you, such as your date of birth, cookies, service usage history, etc. (hereinafter referred to as "personal data"). increase. "Personal information" in "personal data" means "personal information" defined in the "Act on the Protection of Personal Information".

Purpose of use of personal data

We will use personal data only for the following purposes, and will not use it for any other purpose.In addition, we will take measures to prevent unintended use.

To provide electronic money services (prepaid payment instruments issuance business, funds transfer business), bank agency business, financial products intermediation business, telecommunications business, and all other services operated by the Company (hereinafter referred to as the "Services")
For example, we will use it to do the following:

To determine the contents of purchases of goods and services by customers who use this service, or to execute transactions

For billing and payment processing for products and paid services

For customer authentication, identity verification, or screening when using this service or making inquiries

To grant points and coupons (including those issued by third parties)

To notify you about this service

For advertising, promotion and marketing
For example, we will use it to do the following:

For advertising and publicity related to the services of the Company or third parties acting as advertisers

For marketing of products and services of our company or third parties

For lotteries for campaigns and for shipping prizes

To improve the Service and consider new services, etc.
For example, we will use it to do the following:

For improvement of this service and planning and development of new services

To investigate, analyze, or create and publish statistical data on the status of use of the Service

To evaluate the response of the contact person and improve the response level

To provide (personalize) optimal services and contents for each customer

To provide this service safely
For example, we will use it to do the following:

To detect customers who violate the terms of use of this service, or to deal with violators of the terms of use, etc.

To investigate, detect, prevent, or respond to fraudulent acts such as fraud and unauthorized access using the Service

To manage personal data and ensure data security

To solve problems related to the use and operation of this service


Consignment of personal data

To the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use, the Company may provide personal data to a third party of the subcontractor when subcontracting to a subcontractor with whom the Company has concluded a contract.


About security

We will properly handle personal data in accordance with this privacy policy.

In addition to appropriately handling personal data, we will take organizational, human, physical, and technical security control measures to prevent accidents such as personal data leakage.
For example, we are taking the following measures:

  • Development of internal rules and organization for personal data protection
  • Management and supervision regarding the handling of personal data, and implementation of employee training upon joining the company and on a regular basis
  • Restrictions on use by dividing information according to the importance of personal data and improving work areas
  • Access control of personal data, adoption of appropriate encryption and hashing technologies
  • Implementation of security control measures after understanding the system regarding the protection of personal information in the country where personal data is provided​

When the Company outsources the handling of personal information to a third party, it entrusts it to a party that satisfies the selection criteria set by the Company, concludes a contract with the outsourcer, and appropriately manages the work of the outsourcer.
We will only provide personal information to third parties who have taken security control measures that meet the standards set by us.
In the event of an accident such as the leakage of personal data, we will report to the supervisory authority in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, and follow the instructions of the supervisory authority to take necessary measures such as measures to prevent the occurrence and recurrence of similar incidents. We will take action.


Handling of Sensitive Information

We will not acquire, use, or provide to third parties sensitive information, with the exception of certain exceptions such as those based on laws and regulations or guidelines on personal information protection in the financial sector.


Handling of cookies, etc.

We use cookies, etc. on our website and this service to improve user convenience and improve the site.In addition, we may allow third parties to install cookies, etc. for the purpose of investigating the usage status of the service and for delivering more appropriate advertisements to customers.


Continuous improvement of personal information protection

 In order to ensure that personal information is handled appropriately, the Company will provide training on personal information protection to all officers and employees, conduct regular audits on the handling status, implement this privacy policy, and strive to continuously improve it.


Revision of privacy policy

This Privacy Policy may be revised.In the case of important changes, we will notify our customers of the revisions in advance.

Enacted and implemented in June 2019
Chanida Co., Ltd. / Brand CHANIDA